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Ignoring Ben, Sidney kneels down, sprinkling copper dust in a circle and sealing it.
From her bag, she pulls out an old 60's Polaroid camera. It's been modified somehow, with thin copper wiring strung all over the outside. She then pulls out a sheaf of parchment paper, sliding it in to the bottom of the camera, and finally sets the thing down on the ground, sitting beside it in the circle.
She begins to pour energy into it, slowly, faint bolts of electricity sparking within the bounds of the copper circle like a plasma lamp.
After a minute or so, the sparking seems to fold in to her, sucked into the camera. She smiles, then picks it up and breaks the circle, relasing some remaining static electricity.

[Uh still not sure how all this works. First Conviction, then Discipline (Lore?)? The spell is going to temporarily infuse the camera with a weaker version of the Sight, so she can get indirect information on what happened. Channeling, to get an Examination effect? Conviction 5 + -1 , Discipline or Lore 3 + 1 , figure I'll have to make a few more so second Conviction 1 , second and third Discipline/Lore -2 2 ]
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