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The staircase up to the second floor is spacious enough for a 19th century house, and none of the gathered individuals notice anything untoward. The staircase up to the garret though... well, it wasn't designed with even the average sized 19th century person, let alone a full grown man from the 21st century.

Yori ends up having to squeeze through, and is probably thankful that he wasn't trying to navigate the stairs in any kind of haste.

The first thing everyone notices is the smell. The overpowering, gut twisting smell. It smells of a charnel house, as there is blood everywhere and bits of meat stuck to the plaster of the walls and the ceiling. What had been, you think, a person, is n the middle of the floor, butchered beyond recognition. A glance cannot tell you whether it was male or female or how old.

The second thing of note is that, despite the summer swelter and the decided lack of air conditioning, is that the temperature in the garret is chilly enough to raise goosebumps.

Crudely painted on the floor in drying blood is a G.

Paul follows the rest of you up the stairs, a handkerchief over his mouth and nose. "Now do you see why I called you? Why I didn't want to say too much before you saw it?"
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