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Heheh..... That blind guy sure nows how to "even" the field....

Stepping out of the door and "hopping" on the driver-seat of the cart "Mister Purple Target-Practise" spreads his cloak in a theathral exhibition and shouts to the orcs:
"Well , well... Afraid of the dark? No more fear , my small ones ; daddy's gonna make you some LIGHT!"

A small pellet shoots from his hands , to land amongst the orcs , where it expands to a three feet wide globe of searing flames.
As if guided by his pointing finger , the sphere immediately goes after the nearest orc and engages it in an "intimate hug".
The Orc , aperantly not the affectionate type , can't apreciate his "hot" date and staggers away from it , while trying to put out his burning jacket and howling in pain from the scorched and blistered patches of exposed skin.

Megamieuwsel points toward the next orc and the sphere follows suit.....
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