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Peering out the shop window, Elanor sees that a small crowd has gathered down and across the street, in front of the Dragon's Hangover. And then, from the direction of the town gates, come a horde of orcs right on the heels of two badly wounded guardsmen.

"I guess I'd better get out there," she says out loud, pretending to talk to Treasure, but of course she is really just talking to herself. "I might be able to help one of those guards."

She slips out the door, locking it behind her and speaking the command word to activate one of the shops traps: "UMBRALEO". Then she quickly crosses the street to join the others in front of the inn.

There is a sqeaky little voice coming from the eaves of the building, seemingly calling directions to one of the people standing below. But Elanor doesn't have the time to wonder what that is all about as the orcs are drawing nearer, and one of the fleeing guards has now fallen.

She is surprised to see a man in a pink shirt step into the street and begin casting a spell. Darkness descends on the area, causing gasps of fear all around, but then the light returns, and the area of darkness moves towards the "tuskers".

Now it is the orcs' turn to be surprised and judging from the sounds coming out of the darkness, they are indeed. In a few moments, by ones and twos, they stumble back in to the light, waving their hands in front of them as if feeling their way.

The injured guardsman manages to reach the group by the inn, panting from the exertion and clutching at a severe wound in his shoulder. Elanor pulls him over by the tinker's cart and begins to tend his wound.

[OOC: convert READ MAGIC to CURE MINOR WOUNDS and cast on guard. I would think that the orcs are now 'surprised', and some of them might be running back towards the gates.]