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The dwarf whistles tunelessly as he heads for the door in his rolling gait, arriving there with surprising quickness. The massive axe is balanced on one shoulder and he answers Second while craning his neck to watch Cappucina scurry up the side of the building and start yelling down to Cadogan in that squeaky little voice.

"Looks like there'll be plenty of fightin' right outside. Good for nothing guards. Why listen to the dwarf? It's just a buncha orcs . . ."

He holds the heavy door open as cover while he assesses their attackers -

Good, no bows.

- then moves opposite of Cadogan, so that the blind man is between him and the inn. From here he can defend the man, plus it will be easier to get out of the way of any spells he might cast. He waits patiently, figuring it best to let the magicians work their magic first.