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Blind spell slinging, green hair, purple robes, Dwarfy axe hair splitting, presumptive Paladin, and a tin worker who may or may not have forgotten that something of his that was never intended for sale is now in Cappucina's possession... so many questions swirl and whirl about in Cappy's halfling head.

But, these darn Tuskers are interfering with her chance to get to know some new and interesting characters by killing the villagers. Why, just now, the guy named after a cardinal number was about to explain his green hair to her and then had to stop to heal a wound. Bother!

Cappucina yells to the blind man Cadogen, "Stick around in front of the tavern, Cadogen. You tell me what you are going to cast, and I will tell you where to cast it. I'll be right behind and above you."

Cappucina casts spider climb, runs out the front door, turns and crawls up the side of the building until she reaches a nice alcove with an eave to hide under.(Hide roll 26) From this vantage point she will sneakily toss her darts and holler directions to the blind mage.

A few of the other patrons stand ready in the street right out front of the Dragon's Hangover. One of them is that there Pelor's son. It is a good thing they got themselves together as a troop of orcs turns the corner chasing down two badly wounded guards. Uh. Oh! "Cadogen, here they come on your right! They fill up the street. But there's town people in front of them too! And the building are wood so don't fireball!" Cappucina shrieks.

(That's 10 orcs by the way. They carry those orc axes and look big and nasty. Since they are trained and organzied, I would think that they might be level 2 warriors or level 1 fighters and have a few more HP than the standard orc. Ready?)

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