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Tuskers... what a nuisance

Elanor is looking through a thick book with the words "Pestermin's Guide to Magical Beasts" stamped on the cover in gold letters, when cries are heard outside in the street. She frowns, marks her place in the book, and heads for the door to take a look outside. Treasure - as she decided to name the baby air snake - is still squirming around in her hand, and still hungrily chirp-hissing for all he is worth.

Looking out the window, she sees several of the town guard running in the direction of the gates. She opens the door and hears people yelling "Tuskers! Tuskers!" and knows the town is in trouble. Her first priority has to be to protect the shop of course.

Caledon has all kinds of magical traps and alarms on the premises, mostly designed to protect the place from being burgled. But the very nature of this rough-and-ready town demanded that he also put in place some measures to protect the property from invasion.

Elanor speaks a word, "ILUZHN", and the store front seems to change: the windows appear to be boarded up, grimy, and lined with cobwebs; a post with chipped and faded red and white stripes on it hangs beside the door; the sign outside is transformed. Caledon's Magick Shoppe now appears to be Caledon's Abandoned Barber Shop.

She returns to the back of the shop to get her short sword and leather jerkin, hoping that she won't have to use them. Then she pulls a small, black cloth-bound book out of a drawer in the counter and opens it. Picking up an inkpen, she quickly scrawls a note:

Caledon - Orcs attacking the town. No sign of them yet. Will keep you informed.

Then she tears out the page, crumples it in a ball, and tosses it in the direction of a basket clearly intended for wastepaper. Before the balled up page hits the can however, it vanishes.

"Ssssh-wheep! Ssssh-wheep!" goes the little hatchling.

"I know, I know! Hold on a minute. I'm working on it....."

She turns back to the book on magical beasts, keeping a wary eye on the front door.