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Megamieuwsel , weary and hungry from a hard days travel , is rather dissapointed to find the kitchen closed , because some stupid orcs decided to celebrate his arrival with an assault on this town.

"That means No supper , I suppose?" , he adresses "Laddy" , only to find the big guy has disappeared in thin air. Probably off to defend the town.
Or loot some shops , whatever...

Not immediately knowing what to do , he just stands there and watches the somewhat chaotic banter and actions of several weird personages around him.Most of all a blind guy , that somehow managed to get himself a protective Aura. Another arcanist?

Ok , I can just take a chair here and wait till things either calmed down , or I can ...

His thoughts are cut off , as a townsman staggers by , trying to keep his intestines in.

"Somebody should help t'at man." and "Vhere are t'e healers around here?" come from the pedlar with that ridiculous accent.

Stepping up to them ;"Eww! that doesn't look too good! Unfortunately , healing is not my prime quality. One of the very few , I might add , by-the-way.
Where'd that so-called [i]Son of Pelor[\i] gone? Those church-chaps tend to be good at stuff like that...."

Megamieuwsel intended to say more , but a loud *CRRRAA_AASHHH!!!* from the direction of the Gate ,through which he entered town , interupted him with the rather prosaic "newsflash" , that the "Tusks" are now within the walls , and the time for smalltalk was over.

Whipping up a pair of finely cured leather gloves , purple ofcourse , and donning those while speaking out some archaic syllables , a blue hue surrounds him for a moment and then dissipates without any visible sign.

"If anyone can help this man , than do so , but do it quickly. The orcs will be here any moment!
Patokkel! Here , boy!"

Another *crash* is heard from the stables and the observant bystander might notice a wooden stable-door transport itself through the air for several yards. Would he inspect it closer , two hoofprints can be made out rather clearly at the point where all the cracks in the door originate from.
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