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Introducing... Caledon's Magick Shoppe

Elanor looked around the shop. Where was that strange sound coming from?

"Ssssh-wheep! Ssssh-wheep!"

It was soft and muffled, a sort of hissing chirp, almost sounding like a cricket or tree frog but not quite. It came from over there.... no wait.... over there: the tall hutch with the glass doors, the one that had all the feathers and nests and eggs in it.

Eggs. My goodness, had something hatched?

Elanor stepped out from behind the counter and made her winding way over to the hutch. It took her a couple of minutes to find the right key to unlock the glass door; of course she remembered to disable the alarm.

Sure enough, the sound was closer now and less muffled, but still soft. She swept her eyes over the collection of nests on the shelves; only a few of them actually had eggs in them. There was nothing going on in the merkling nest - whew! that was a relief! Those eggs were supposed to be dormant anyway. And the desert turtle eggs were still intact also.

Then she remembered the darter eggs in the little gold basket. Yes, the sound seemed to be coming from inside there. She carefully lifted the lid.

Inside were three miniscule eggs, each a different color: green, rose pink, and cream white. It was the green one that had hatched.

"Ssssh-wheep! Ssssh-wheep!"

The hatchling hissed? chirped? more insistently now. It was a tiny writhing mass of green scales and feathers trying to break free of its shell. Gently, Elanor lifted the creature with a finger and delicately pried away the pieces of shell. Then she deposited the little darter into her palm.

The glistening snake body sqirmed and wriggled, while it tried to unfurl its downy wings. In a couple of minutes, the wings were dry and the little air snake folded them back against its back and proceeded to coil itself around one of Elanor's fingers. It was about 6 inches long, with emerald green wings and back, and a pearly white belly. It looked at her, still chirping piteously. It was hungry.

"My goodness. What am I going to feed you? I wish Caledon were here...."

She quickly replaced the bits of broken shell in the basket, closed up the hutch, and reactivated the alarm. Then she ran to the back room, cradling her little treasure close to her breast. Where was that book on magical beasts Caledon had been trying to get her to read? She had to figure out what this thing ate, and quickly!