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"Blarth, right?" the woman asks, confirming the half-orc's suspicion that he's seen her somewhere before.

After Blarth nods in reply, the woman continues, "I'm Lynn, a friend of Nicos. Are you looking for him?"

Another nod.

"I've got to grab some stuff from his room for him. If you'll help me carry it I'll show you where he is."

Nodding again at this fortuitous circumstance, Blarth turns around and follows Lynn up to Nicos' room where she grabs his backpack from under his bed and rather uncerimoniously dumps the contents of one drawer into it.

Finally connecting the dots that the young womans own travelling pack should have already tipped off, Blarth asks, "So, then, Nicos is planning on leaving town?"

"UmHmm," Lynn replies, "Probably. Some things are coming to a head that it really wouldn't be good to stick around for. Not to worry though, I know where to find him if he has to get moving before we reach him."

Grunting an acknowledgement, Blarth quickly learns that "helping carry something" means "carry it for me" as Lynn hands him Nicos' bag and then leads the way out of the flat, into the rain, and across town.
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