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There had been no word from the little voice in her head for quite a while now. And it seems that Shade and Lynn are preoccupied with their own thoughts. So Juni sits quietly on one of the beds, waiting and thinking.

It occurs to her to look through her bag and order her things while she waits. She carries almost everything she owns (except for her other set of clothes and Vywodor's sword) in a leather pouch tied about her waist. She spills the contents of the bag out onto the bed beside her and begins to look through it.

There's a nearly empty coin purse, a comb, some hair pins, a needle and thread, and an egg-shaped stone wrapped up in a spare handkerchief. There's also another, smaller pouch of black leather that had belonged to Vywodor. Juni doesn't open or look through that pouch. She feels rather guilty still for taking it, and she doesn't know what the things inside - a couple of vials, a ring, and some small bits of stone and wood - are for anyway.

She reorganizes, packing everything back up neatly into the pouch, except for the egg-shaped stone. It's more of a crystal than an ordinary stone. She looks at, glittering like a lump of blue ice in the palm of her hand. Oddly, it feels warm to the touch. She closes her fingers around it and notes with satisfaction that it seems to fit her hand perfectly.

Good. Have it strung on a chain and wear it around your neck. I can do you more good if you keep it out in the open.

The voice is stronger now, and as it 'speaks' inside her mind the stone seems to vibrate ever so slightly in her hand.

Now it makes sense! A psi-crystal! Juni remembers that her father had given her the stone and said that she'd understand why later. She must have finally become attuned to it! Vywodor had taught her that psi-crystals are stones that hold a part of a psion's personality within them.

So, she really had been only talking to herself all this time! Well, talking to a fragment of herself that had broken free and taken on a life of its own inside a specially prepared crystal.

Is that what you are, a psi-crystal?

Well, I guess you could put it that way. But I'm NOT the stone - I just exist in the stone. I hear all your thoughts, and I see what you see. But out here I can also see what the stone 'sees'. If that makes sense to you. And I can help you focus much better on using your power.

Oh. That's handy. I get distracted sometimes.

Yes. You do. Now, open your hand.

Juni opens her hand flat so that the psi-crystal lies in her palm.

Try to see what is on the other side of the door.

Clairvoyance! That's a hard one for me. Vywodor always tried to make me spy on the servants. I hated that.

Nevermind about Vywodor. We just want to see what's outside in the hall. I'll help you concentrate. Close your eyes if it makes it easier. I'll still be able to see what's happening in here.

It is easier with her eyes closed, and soon Juni has a view of the hallway, almost as if she had opened the door and stepped outside. It is odd to look down and not see her body standing there. She almost seems to be floating in mid-air!

You are not paying attention - look around!

I am looking around. Down is a valid direction to be looking. That's where my feet should be! This feels so weird...

Juni imagines that she can hear her psi-crystal sigh.

All right. I'm looking all around. I can't move at all, but I can see in any direction. I can hear things too. There are footsteps coming from the stairs. Someone is coming!

Who is it?

I can't see anyone yet. Should I tell Shade? Oh wait, it's Nicos! And Isac is with him.

The one-armed bard strides purposefully down the hall. Juni feels as if he is about to collide with her, and she jerks her mind's eye away and back into her body. She looks at the door just as it opens and Nicos and Isac step through.

That was... disorienting, she thinks, but she is immensely pleased to have mastered this useful new trick.

Unfortunately, she can't share her excitement with anyone. The expressions on all the faces around her are too serious, too worried. And of course they have a right to be. Juni remembers Shade's hand blackened by a curse, all because of a missing relic. She gets up from the bed and goes to stand by her friend's side.

"Actually, first we need to get moving," Isac says. "The longer we stay, the more we endanger your friends, and anyone else that gets caught between you and… her."

"Her? Who do you mean?" Juni asks. She still holds her psi-crystal in the palm of her hand.

"I don't know who is persuing Shade, but I'm fairly sure I know what is pursuing her. She's a patoh girak kree, in common it translates loosely to Sister of the Jade Eye."

Juni blinks. It's not a who, it's a what. Sister of the Jade Eye. Curious name.

"I don't understand..." she says, shaking her head. "But whatever it is, it's dangerous, that's what you're saying. And we can't stay here?"

Isac nods, his voice growing distant. "She is drawn to the curse that is eating its way through Shade, and will follow her from now until Judgement Day. The real question is why. What could someone have possibly done to draw the wrath of the Goblin witches all the way from the Forbidden South?"

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