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"Lynn," Nicos said, waving the woman over to one side of the crowded room, then leaning close to speak in a hushed voice. "I'm pretty sure I'm heading out of town soon."

"Worried about -" A glance at the others "- our friend from the other night?"

"Amongst other things, overall I'm starting to get the feeling that it's time to make a quiet exit. If you want to ..."

"I've invested too much in keeping you alive to walk away just yet," Lynn retorted. "Besides, romance of the open road? Sounds like fun."

"You’ll get over it," Nicos said. "If we leave we won’t be coming back anytime soon, how long would it take you to quickly pack some things up?"

"I don’t know … 30 minutes maybe."

"Thirty Minutes?!" Nicos exclaimed before catching himself. "Shit. Okay, you better go head a head start. After you’ve finished head over to my place – you know where it is right? good – and grab the bag under the bed, it’s already packed. Throw in everything that is in the bottom draw next to the bed and then come find me. I’ll either still be here or I’ll meet you 5 minutes past the south gate."

"I’m packing your stuff too am I?" Lynn retorted, not pleased.

"For as long as it takes you 30 minutes to pack you are, now go and hurry."
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