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Gruumsh damned rain.

Still waiting for the effects of his power to wear off, Blarth was really beginning to regret having used it to scare Thunn. So long as it remained he couldn't exactly go inside looking for Nicos, at least, not without scaring the shit out of some townsfolk and probably getting the guard called on him. Humans seemed to have this innate fear of wild animals that would set them off at a moment's notice. Plus, being mistaken for a werewolf generally wasn't much fun since it usually meant a solid month of captivity and being forced to eat that horrible belladona root.

So Blarth stayed out in the rain, wandering the streets and not really paying much attention to where he was. Just enough not to get lost.

His inattention, however, missed something else.

* * *

"You see his friends anywhere."

"No, but Thunn said they stayed hidden until well after we left."

"They're probably waiting for the orc to find another victim."

"Okay, enough chatter you guys. We'll follow the plan and wait for Thunn, Reg, and Billy to take on the orc. If his friends show up we'll deal with them, now shut up so you don't give us away."

* * *

Roaring in pain, Blarth collapses to the ground as a knife snakes out of the dark and severs the back of his leg. Blinking the rain from his eyes as his hood falls back, Blarth looks down to see the water washing red away from his leg. Gritting his teeth, he tries to stand, but the injured leg refuses to support his weight.

"Not so tough now, are you orc. No friends to help you this time."

Looking around, Blarth makes out three shapes, one close by and with a knife in hand, the other two further back but similarly armed.

"Come on Thunn," one of the further shapes says, "his friends could be here any moment. Just kill the damned thing and be done with it."

"Oh no," Thunn replies, "I'm going to make him pay dearly for what they did to me." Squatting down to put his knife in Blarth's face, he lowers his voice so that only Blarth can hear him, "Besides, we both know there are no friends out here to help you."

Yelping in pain, Blarth instinctively flinches as Thunn's knife scrapes across his nose, the pain amplified by the power that made it extra sensitive.

Laughing, Thunn stands up and turns around to face his friends, "See, we caught him just like I said and his friends are too cowardly to face us all. Add to that the rain that's keeping everyone off the streets and we'll be able to play this game all night."

As Thunn speaks, a low humming, hidden at first beneath the rain begins to be heard. It continues to buzz at everyone's ears, however, as Thunn continues.

"Reg, take your shot. You've been itching for a chance to get back at the orcs for your uncle in Gundar. Here's your chance."

Looking around hesitantly one more time, Reg steps forward, his confidence growing with every step. By the time he reaches Blarth he's grinning in anticipation, even as he swats at his ear, brushing away the bug that the buzzing says is there.

Wait, a bug, in this whether?

With a very wolf-like growl, Blarth lunges suddenly at Reg, his mouth closing around the poor man's throat. With a startled gasp, Reg tries to draw a breath, but his windpipe is crushed by Blarth's extended jaws and his eyes only go wide with the effort.

"Billy, call the rest of the boys over. It seems we have a fighter here."

At a call from Billy, three more men emerge from the shadows and move to form a ring around Blarth and Reg as the rain keeps pouring down.

"The orc's leg is cut so he can't get up," Thunn declares, reassuring the men who are looking at each other, "Reg got too eager and careless. Keep track of his arms and good legs and you'll have no trouble with him."

"Which one is his good leg," one of the newcomers asks.

"The one that's not bleeding, stupid."

"It don't look like either of them is bleeding to me."

"Rain must be washing away the blood. Just watch to see which leg he favors."

Moving forward, Thunn grins evilly at Blarth, his knife in front of him.

Blarth releases Reg and the man falls to the ground, his breathing more of a gurgle as he drowns in his own blood and the rain. Growling at Thunn, Blarth shifts his weight around as he remains prone, to get a better angle on Thunn's line of approach.

"There, you see? Now, your turn Billy."

"Ah, come on Thunn, you're closer and it's your revenge here."

Turning to face Billy, Thunn ignores Blarth for a moment to reprimand his underling.

"When this filth and his friends attacked me, they attacked all of us. We're all going to teach him a lesson here. What?"

Seeing Billy's face change from one of shame at having questioned his orders to outright fear, Thunn turns around to find Blarth on his feet, both legs clearly supporting his weight.


Two practiced steps close the gap between Blarth and Thunn as the half-orc snaps at the man's leg in an animal imitation of the move that had brought him down just moments ago. Thunn, however, is clearly more practiced at the maneuver than Blarth as the half-orc manages to do little more than draw blood and make Thunn stumble a step or two.

"You'll pay for that," Thunn declares, throwing his knife at Blarth and drawing another.

Shrugging gently, Blarth barely flinches as the knife swerves unnaturally in the air. Using the moment of astonishment that brings, Blarth snaps at Thunn again, forgoing any attempts at fancy maneuvers and simply trying to take a chunk out of the man.

"Attack you fools," Thunn yells, as grimaces in pain and slashes at Blarth with his knife. Once again, however, the knife's trajectory is unnaturally altered and it does little more than rub the flat along Blarth's arm.

"He's protected by devils!"

"Don't be a fool. His friends must be using magic from hiding."

"Either way, I'm out of here!"

As the Billy bolts from the scene, the others hesitate, but only for the moment that it takes for Blarth to bite at Thunn again, this time clamping down on the man's knife arm hard. The sound of bones breaking beneath the force of Blarth's teeth destroys any morale Thunn's followers had left and the flee into the rain and the night.

Now screaming in pain, Thunn finds his eyes locked with Blarth's as the half-orc steps in for one last bite on the man's neck, cutting the scream off.

Breathing heavily, Blarth releases Thunn who's heart tries mightily to keep him alive, but which in the end only serves to pump his blood out onto the pavement that much faster.

Spitting, Blarth growls, "I've tasted pig that was better than you."

Looking around, Blarth sees no sign of Thunn's men. A good thing, as it turns out, because that's the moment when his facial power finally wears off.

"You should have waited a bit longer," Blarth comments as he steps over Thunn's body and away from the scene of the battle. Both men were clearly bitten by a wolf-like animal. With any luck, the guard wouldn't discover them until after the rain and even then they'd be looking for a wild animal in the city, not an assailant. Thunn's men would probably set them straight eventually, but there wasn't much Blarth could do about that except to leave town before that happened.

"Better find Nicos quickly."

Stopping at a rain barrel, Blarth carefully washes the blood of Reg and Thunn off his face and shirt. The water was cold, they way it should be for a proper cleaning.