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Shaking the rain from his eyes has he steps inside, Blarth looks around the common room of the Copper Maiden for signs of his companions. Not seeing any, Blarth wanders over to the barkeep to order a drink and enquire after them.

"What have you got to slake a working man's thirst?"

"If you're thirsty, then you'd probably best go with the ale," the bar tender replies, drawing a mug and setting it in front of Blarth.

Thanking the man, Blarth proceeds to drink half of it down quickly. Belching in appreciation, Blarth draws some dirty looks from some of the other patrons and he decides that he'd better slow down.

Damn humans have no sense of manners.

Looking around the common room as he drinks, snatches of conversation float to Blarth's ears.

"...there was this light and my knee felt right as rain.."

"...bought me a drink he did. Right generous fellow..."

"...I wasn't here but my lad said..."

"...gave Old Man Sedgwick back his sight, he did..."

"...came to see for myself..."

"...probably tired after all that..."

"...Pelor, I think. He had this sun medallion..."

"...glowed like the sun..."

Hmm... Wonder if that priest I saw at the docks is staying here?

Finishing his first mug, Blarth calls the bartender over to get another, and to ask him a few questions.

"I was supposed to meet some friends of mine who are staying here. Arjuna and..." wracking his brain, Blarth tries to remember the name Shade told him to ask for her as.

"Samantha," the bartender fills in, "I'm afraid you missed them. They checked out just before lunch. Hey! Gram! Did those two ladies who checked out this morning leave any messages?"

"Nope. I think they had lunch with that priestly fellow though, Moore I think his name was. He's staying in room 6. He might know where they went."

Nodding his thanks to the barkeep, Blarth leaves a couple extra copper as tip and drinks his ale as fast as he can without belching. Putting the mug down, he heads upstairs to knock on the priest's door. His knock, however, gets no response and after several minutes Blarth wanders back down to the common room.

"...was going to give this fellow back his arm last I here..."

"Nicos!" Blarth remarks, suddenly reminded of who might know of Shade and Anjura's whereabouts.

"No, don't think that was his name son. Izik or something like that."

"Sorry," Blarth responds to the man whose conversation his exclamation had cut off, "I wasn't talking about the priest. Your comment about a missing arm simply reminded me of a friend of mine who I need to go find."

"Ah, well, if your friend is missing an arm he should find this Izik fellow. He cured my son's broken leg just this afternoon, and I bet he could give your friend his arm back."

"Yes, thank you, I'll tell him that."

Excusing himself, Blarth heads back out into the rain to head for Nicos's lodgings. The down pour, however, manages to get Blarth turned around when he misses a turn without realizing it and before long he ends up in a part of town he doesn't recognize.

"Stupid orc looks lost."

"What do you expect, it's not like they can read the street signs."

"Ah, come on Thunn, I here some orcs are real smart like. My cousin in Liman says they train up better than dogs."

Laughter ensues as a group of thugs emerge out of the rain to continue mocking Blarth.

"Bah, that ain't smart. Dogs sniff their own buts so being smarter than them just means that orcs can tell a good smell from a bad one."

"Yeah. Monkeys, now they're smart. Saw this one once that could pick a skinflint of his last copper."

"Like to see some orc do that. He'd probably leave a gold behind to replace the copper so the skinflint wouldn't notice the change in the weight of his coin purse."

As the thugs laugh again, the name Thunn clicks in Blarth's mind.

"Thunn?" he asks looking at the thugs.

"You know this orc?" one of the thugs asks another.

"Don't think so. Maybe he works for my uncle lifting rocks or something. What do you say orc? Did my uncle send you?"

Guessing that whatever Shade and Anjura had been going to try hadn't worked, Blarth decides to settle things his way for once. Saying nothing, Blarth lets Thunn draw his own conclusions, hoping that the rain will prevent his face from giving anything away.

After a moment, Thunn looks at his buddies and says, "Go on, scram. I'll catch up with you just as soon as this is done."

Looking between Blarth and Thunn, the other thugs leave one by one, clearly not willing to challenge their leader's orders, regardless of their feelings about Blarth.

Once they're gone, Thunn snears at Blarth, "So what does my uncle want now? And why the hell did he send a fist maker like you?"

Looking around to confirm that they are alone, Blarth steps up next to Thunn and whallops him one in the gut, doubling the man over.

"Your uncle didn't send me, but you've been bothering a friend of mine. This needs to stop, now."

Using his knee to smash in Thunn's nose, Blarth continues, "You're going to leave the nuns alone. If you don't, I'll find you again."

Recovering himself after the surprise, Thunn lunges at Blarth, catching him in the midsection and momentarily turning the tables on him as the two men fall to the ground together. Blarth, however, draws on his racial strength and quickly pins the smaller human beneath him. Straddling him to pin his legs and spreading Thunn's arms out wide with his own, Blarth elongates his face into that of the wolf and snarls at the human.

"If you think your friends can help you, you'd better think about that again. I'll tear their throats out just as soon as I tear your's."

Snarling again, Blarth bashes Thunn's head into the cobble stones, knocking the man out.

There, that should take care of things.

Standing up, Blarth pulls his hood up to cover his altered face. He was going to have to stay outside until it wore off, which meant he was going to get even wetter.
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