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"You don't remember? How do they know it was you?" Juni tries to make sense of Shade's words. It shocks her that the other woman seems willing to accept that the thing is true even though she recalls nothing. What convinces her? Something the priest said?

"Shade, that still doesn't explain what happened to your hand. Unless ... "

A holy relic. What would happen to a thief who stole from the Church of Pelor?


A curse!

That would explain some things about Shade's recent behavior. Almost, Juni feels relieved to hear it. A curse is better than slowly being consumed by Shadow, isn't it? A curse has a cure. Return the relic and the Church will be satisfied, surely. They'd remove it and that would be that.

Except if Shade does not remember stealing the relic, then she likely has no idea where the relic can be found.

"Do you think the guild - your guild, the one you used to belong to - had something to do with this?"