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"Pelor?" Lynn asked in dry disbelief from where she looked out the window into the city. "What's valuable enough to steal that you'd risk a temple's wrath?"

As the stranger leapt into action to sooth the crowd, Nicos stepped back into the background to observe, slipping into the seat at a table already occupied by an elderly man getting an early start on his drinking. The stranger - either a Mage posing as a priest a truly a holy man of Pelor - was doing an admirable job of distracting the crowd. It was different to the way he would have handled it, each flash of gold, splash of drink and hurried conversation - not to mention the calling on his god to perform magical healing! - was adding fuel to the story that would spread quickly and linger for weeks. But it was a story of an eccentric cleric that would neatly brush over an trace of he or his companions, and wooed by the food, drink and conversation, the crowd shifted from outrage on the verge of violence to an uneasy acceptance.

Smiling, the bard leant back, ordered a drink and wondered where he could find a holy symbol without drawing the ire of the religious. After all, the moment you stop learning new tricks is the moment you die.
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