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Joy, Sorrow, and Awe flood through the youngest Olvander as he walks along with his Brother and his God... but, thankfully there is no more pain. Aside from all the physical tortures his body has taken over the course of his life it is the emotional pain that Almego is most releived to be rid of. In death he finds a sense of peace that has escaped him since his childhood. Looking over at his brother that has been lost to him for all these years Almego begins to forgive himself a little. A sense of self-pride overwhelms him and he loses himself in the moment. Even amidst all the carnage of flesh and bones he finds the beauty of life and looks back upon his and smiles. Idly he wonders to himself if the crows were pleased with the outcome as he looks to the south and thinks of all the places in Faerun he's laid eyes upon, and all the great places he now never will. There is no sadness over this though. I'm with my brother again. And thankfully, no shadow answers him from within his own head. Almego smiles and says, "Indeed Mighty Valkur, life was not empty. Thank you."

(ooc: I added a bit more reflection but decided not to do the quotes thingy. Unless ya'll want to toss out a few of your favorites as well... I may get back to it if Gary gives me more time, but go ahead and feel free to wrap it up whenever you're ready.)
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