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Hag Battle 7

Destiny – Mount Hotenow 8 – Hag Battle 7

While Almego is lost is a waking nightmare, Mirko roars and charges Oleeda, even as the stone trolls rush in to intercept him. A Quaggoth, eager to prove himself to Mirko, rushes ahead and meets the stone troll head on…and the troll rips the deep bear nearly in two, flinging body parts all over the snow.
Mirko roars and attacks, driving the red-hot spike of the Burning Blade into the troll’s chest! (D28) Stone melts away from the troll which howls in agony, pulling away from the barbarian.
Two more quaggoth rush in to attack, one delivering a wicked smash to the troll’s back with its stone club (D12), breaking its back, dropping it dead into the snow!

“You…tricked me!” Alison hisses, glaring at Oleeda, fully revealed as an evil hag. Oleeda raises her hands to summon a spell, but Alison lashes out with an arctic spray of ice from her fingers, slamming Oleeda to the ground (D19). The hag rolls to her feet…and turns invisible!

Behind them, the remaining stone troll charges in…and Dreys rushes to meet it. “DUMATHOIN!” the ragged dwarven warrior yells as he attacks, chipping off pieces of the troll’s stony hide, but doing little damage (D6). The stone troll slashes and bites at Dreys but the nimble dwarf rolls under and dodges the massive claws and teeth.

(OOC: The round ends with Almego healing 5 pts.)

Next round…

“COUSIN!” Raynal screams, falling back in the snow, blood squirting from his empty eye sockets, his limbs twitching as his life fades. “I’ll see you…in hell!” he gasps. “Stephen and I…we’ll be waiting for you…in hell!!”

"You'll pay for that bitch!" Almego screams at Wren while tears well up in his eyes blurring his vision. A red tint covers everything he can see and in his mind’s eye twists a suffering Stephen next to Raynal who has no eyes. They both twist in agony whilst falling into an abyss that stretches on forever. All the while down, amidst the pain and suffering, they still find the strength to curse his name, "We'll see you in hell cousin!" and, "Curse you brother! Curse you to hell!"

Again a familiar voice strengthens his resolve. Without risk... And this time Almego answers. Aloud he finishes the inspiring words of Valkur the Mighty, "Without risk, life is empty. And you dear Wren... your life is OVER!"

Young Olvander turns time forward on the Hand of Time to later than any hour of power he has called upon thus far. The Hand passes along the threads of time and brings the Prophecies of Darnath the Black to its final hour. Whether this day ends with good triumphing over evil or the Shadowstorm covering all... it will be brought to an end. And probably to my end as well... if Valkur sees fit to answer my prayers.
The tiny golden clock begins to chime, methodically striking out the time to midnight. Incredible power begins to build and the thrumming of the clock is evident to all upon the battlefield as the Hand of Time strikes louder and louder and louder. At the strike of “four” Wren screeches in agony and staggers toward Almego, black spittle dripping from her mouth.

The stone troll roars in agony, covering its ears with its massive hands, as the Quaggoth also fall to their knees in pain.

At “eight” the noise is loud enough to rattle your chest and disturb the snow on the ground and rocks nearby. Almego is on his knees too, holding the Hand of Time above his head as Wren staggers toward him. His mouth is moving, but he isn’t casting a spell...he seems to be praying.
I risk my eternal soul for one thing above all my other reasons oh Mighty one... to save my brother from an eternity in hell. If I pleased you with my actions, with my following what I thought to be your will in this life, please deliver him, and Raynal, from their doom and send me in their stead... My life has NOT been empty, nor without purpose... to have served you has fulfilled me. I don't wish it upon them to pay for my sins...


The pause before the clock strikes midnight seems an eternity. In fact, to the shadowy figure flowing down the mountain, it appears that time has slowed to almost a complete stop. Alison, covered in ice, is screaming; Dreys is on the ground, his head buried in his hands.
Mirko is howling in agony; Barnes, like Almego is face down, praying.
And while Oleeda is invisible, the shadow can still see her and smiles wickedly at her pain. But it is Wren that captures the scene as her little shriveled body has begun to change to that of a…well, to something more suited for her name.


When the final chord is struck, there is a deafening silence as the waves of sound ripple outward washing over everything and everyone on the mountain. The air is filled with a magical transference as the clock face becomes a tiny portal. Wren screeches in absolute terror and Almego peels his eyes open to see something that leaves him in shock.
The hag shrinks before his eyes and transforms into a tiny bird…a house wren with misshapen wings and sparse feathers…but a bird nonetheless. And then there is a tearing sound in the air and with a final screech, Little Wren is sucked into the tiny golden clock, forever caged in Time.

And just as quick as the event occurs, Time seems to reset itself and the battle pitches back into motion.
“NOOOOOO!!!!!” Alison screams. “YOU CAN’T ESCAPE MEEEE!!!”

She wields the Statue of Kane and unleashes a storm of snowballs that batters and beats down everyone around her! The flurry of snowballs bursts out from her, slaying the stone troll behind her, striking down most of the Quaggoth, and knocking Barnes and Grayhm (the Quaggoth leader) unconscious.
Dreys tries to dive out of the way and avoids the majority of the damage, but gets hit enough to threaten his life (D14; he’s at -1). Mirko takes the brunt of the damage, roaring in surprise and pain (D27).
Almego barely has time to react to the attack, diving to the ground, but still taking damage enough to almost kill him (D14).
But his pain is nothing compared to that done to Oleeda who is revealed again, lying in the snow, barely breathing.
Alison calmly walks to over to her as the Freezing Rage transforms into a two-handed ice axe. She stands over the pleading hag for only a second or two before lifting the ice axe and chopping off Oleeda’s head.

At last, the Storm Sisters are all dead and gone.
“Well done, mortals,” comes a smooth, powerful voice.
The only three left standing, the bearers of the Weapons of Power, turn to see a being of shadow glaring down at them. It is unlike any creature they have ever seen. “The sisters sent a summons and I have come to collect payment for their transgression. My lord is not well pleased. Payment must be paid in full,” the shadow demon says, grinning wickedly.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>

Please note that many of your items and spells are either gone or no longer working....hmmmmm. Wonder why?

ST1 – dead
ST2 – dead
ST3 – dead

B’HARA – dead
OLEEDA – dead
Wren – gone!


Alison – down 30

Almego – down 29
HP: 30; Init. +8; Spd 30ft; AC 19 (touch 14, flat-footed 15); Base Attack/Grapple: +4/+7; Attacks: Melee +9 (1d6+5, 18-20/x2, Rapier*), or Melee +8 (1d8+5, 20/x2, Trident* - Two Handed), or Ranged +8, 60ft. (1d6, 20/x3, Shortbow), or Ranged +8 (1d10, 20/x2, Flintlock Pistol), or Ranged +9, 10ft. (1d8+5, Trident* - Two Handed); SA: Spells; SQ: Sorcerous Mastery**; AL: C/N; SV: Fort +5, Ref +5, Will +7 (+10 vs. fear effects); Str 16, Dex 18, Con 11, Int 14, Wis 10, Cha 16.
Skills: Balance +7, Bluff +4, Climb +5 (+7 using Masterwork Climber's Kit), Concentration +7, Jump +5, Swim +2, Spellcraft +9, Tumble +5.
Feats: Dodge, Improved Initiative, Mobility, Quick-draw, Spring Attack, Two-Weapon Fighting.
Equipment: Silky Black Cloak*, Oilskin Suit*, Breastplate*, Silver Ring*, Rapier*, Trident*, Flintlock Pistol/Holster, Flintlock Pistol/Holster, Shortbow, Quiver - 17 arrows, Quiver - 20 silver arrows, Wand Case - Wand*, Scrollcase - Scroll*, Spell Component Pouch, Horn of Gunpowder, Bag - 15 Bullets, Thin Silk Rope* Belt Pouch -Thunderstone, Wrapped Cone of Powder*, Backpack, Water-skin, 4 Days of Trail Rations, Bedroll, Flask of Oil*, Masterwork Climber's Kit, 25 gp.
Spells per day: 6/7/4; (Save DC 13+Spell Level) Spells Known****:
0 Lv - Daze, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Ghost Sound, Message, Ray of Frost.
1st - Animate Rope, Ray of Enfeeblement, Valkur's Static Sphere, Ice Dagger.
2nd - Blur, Valkur's Shocking Strike.
Current Spells remaining: 6/7/4

*Superior Equipment:
* Silky Black Cloak - Unkown properties, gift from Yestolf.
* Oilskin Suit - Heavy duty linen (high boots, heavy trousers, shirt, and a wide-brimmed hat), waterproofed with flaxseed oil
* Breastplate - Mithril Breastplate
* Silver Ring - Ring of Water Walking
* Rapier – dull, rusted
* Trident - Trident of Warning +1 - gleams with a silver sheen whenever an enemy of the wielder is within 100ft.
* Wand - Wand of Shield (0 charges)
* Scroll – blank!

* Thin Silk Rope – ruined!
* Wrapped Cone of Powder – gone!
* Flask of Oil – gone!

Items in hand: +3 Rapier of Defending
Spells in effect: None!

Amra – dead

Dreys – down 73 (-1)
HP: 72, AC 19 (Magical Breast Plate +1 (+6), +2 Dex); flat-footed 16; touch 12
Initiative: +2 (+2 Dex); Speed: 20 ft. Attacks: 2/ round
Str: 16 (+3); Dex: 15 (+2); Con: 19 (+4) (Base 17 +2 Racial +2); Int: 11; Wis: 10; Cha: 10 (Base 11 -2 Racial)
Base Attack Bonus:: +5; Base Grapple Bonus: +8 (+3 Str); Base Melee Bonus::: +8 (+3 Str)
Base Ranged Bonus:: +7 (+2 Dex)
Dwarven Waraxe: +11 (+7 BAB +3 Str, +1 Feat); Damage: 1d10+4 bludgeoning; Critical: x3
Range/Reach:: 5 ft
Shortbow: +7 (+5 BAB +2 Dex); Damage: 1d6 piercing; Critical: x3; Range/Reach: 60 ft
Ammunition::: 20 arrows
Battle Axe: +11 (+3 BAB +3 Str, +1 Magic) : Damage: 1d8+4
Nice silvery dagger - +2 silver dagger
Bladed crossbow > +1 crossbow; also functions as a dagger melee weapon; no penalty on attack rolls.
Fortitude: +8 (4 Base Con +4); Reflex:::: +3 (1 Base Dex +2); Will:::::+1 (1 Base Wis 0)
+2 on saving throws vs spells/spell like abilities/poison
Feats: Weapon Focus (Dwarven Waraxe); Power Attack; Cleave
Skills: Climb, Craft, Jump, Ride, Swim, intimidate, Knowledge (Dungeoneering, Religon); Balance +9
Equipment: Breast Plate, Heavy Wooden Shield, Dwarven Waraxe (masterwork), Shortbow w/20 arrows, Battle Axe +1, Dagger, Backpack, rope, flint/steel, etc.
Necklace (thickly woven strands of copper, silver, and gold)
Valkur's Boon: Boots of Balance - gives you Balance +7 and completely removes any seasickness affects or inner ear imbalance when aboard a ship.
Old well-worn backpack > Heward’s Handy Haversack
Ring (precious)

Graham – dead
Hudson – dead

Mirko – down 65
Stats: Str 18 /Dex 18 /Con 16 /Int 11/Wis 11/Chr 11
Saves Fort +8, Ref 5, Will 2
AC 19/ HP 99
BAB +8 Init +9
DR10 (breast plate of Talos)
Combat stats/Primary weapons used
Bear Form2claws (+16, 1d4+8/+16, 1d4+8) bite (+16, 1d6+4)
Bastard Sword (FlameTongue) (+14, 1d10+1d6+5, 19-20/x2+1d10) (+9, 1d10+1d6+5, 19-20/x2+1d10)(fire attack 4d6)
Bastard Sword 2Handed-(FlameTongue)(+14, 1d10+1d6+7, 19-20/x2+1d10) (+9, 1d10+1d6+7, 19-20/x2+1d10)(fire attack 4d6)
Great Sword (+12, 2d6+6, 19-20/x2)/(+7, 2d6+6, 19-20/x2)
Composite Long Bow (+11, 1d8+4, x3 110’)(+6, 1d8+4, x3 110’)
Spiked Gauntlet (+12, 1d4+4, x2)(+6, 1d4+4, x2)
Blues Steel Big F**Knife (+13, 1d6+4, 17-20/x3)(+8, 1d6+4, 17-20/x3)
Armor & useful equipment (if any)
Breast plate of Talos, Bastard Sword (FlameTongue), boots of speed, Great Sword
Composite Long Bow (str bonus +4), Spiked Gauntlets
Feats: Improved Initiative, Power Attack, Cleave, Leadership,
Special abilities: Rage 2/day, Fast movement, Uncanny Dodge, Improved Uncanny Dodge, Scent
Bear Form: +8Str, +2Dex, +4Con, +2Will, -2AC
Bear Attack: 2claws (+15, 1d4+8/+15, 1d4+8) bite (+15, 1d6+4)
Valkur's Boon: Warcry - this Feat allows you to terrify your opponents with a fearsome battlecry. Opponents must make Will saves or suffer -2 on attacks, morale, and saves.
Spells in effect: None!

Raynal – dead
Male / Human / Ranger 3 Fighter 2
5'8" / 145 lbs
Str 16 / Dex 19 / Con 12 / Int 10 / Wis 14 / Cha 10
F/R/W Saves 7 / 9 / 2 AC:21, Flat: 17, Touch: 14
HP: 45 BAB +5, Init +4
MW Mighty Composite Longbow (+3 Str), +10 or +8/+8 ranged, 1d8+3, x3, 110 ft (+1 to hit and damage if within 30 feet)
Spear +1, +8 melee or +9 ranged, 1d8+5, x3, 20 ft (+1 to hit and damage if within 30 feet)
Mace +1, +8 melee, 1d8+4 (one handed) or 1d8+5 (two handed), x2 crit
Javelin, +8 ranged, 1d6+3, x2, 30 feet (+1 to hit and damage if within 30 feet)
Studded Leather +3 and MW Buckler
Quiver of Ehlonna
Feats: Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Rapid Shot, Track, Weapon Focus (Longbow), Lightning Reflexes, Combat Reflexes
Skills: Survival +8, Spot +8, Listen +8, Heal +7, Search +5, Concentration +7, Ride +10, Profession (Sailor) +7, Balance +9
XP: 10,000
Favored Enemy: Magical Beasts
Wild Empathy
Non-magic Items
Longbow (x2)
Spear (x1)
Javelin (x10)
Magic Items
Valkur's Boon: Earring of Freedom (functions exactly like a Ring of Freedom of Movement)
Studded Leather +3
Quiver of Ehlonna
Magnificent Captain’s Coat (pg. 133 Stormwrack) – protects against rain and sea spray, endure elements (cold), reduces wind effects by one step, +5 competence bonus to Profession (Sailor) and Balance.
Javelin (x10)

Samson – down 20
Shirl – dead
Swindell – dead
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