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"Alison! It's an illusion!" shouts Almego across the sounds of steal and magic ripping through flesh and bones combined with the fevered screams of the crows. "Don't trust your eyes!" She can't hear me... or won't. I have to do something...

Spinning the time back to 4:30 upon the Hand of Time young Olvander evokes the powers of disenchantment and mentally Wills it to form a blanket around the hag Oleeda in hopes of stripping her of her guise. The best I can do for you at the moment m'love... I have my own hag to deal with...

Turning his attention back to Wren he pulls forth a magical dart he has had for quite some time. Before she has a chance to close to melee he hits her up. The dart flies through the air quick and sure and a few feet before making contact there is a flash and the dart splits into many!

(ooc: If she's already closed to melee before the second round I do this instead...)

Almego spins the clock dials forward and the Hand of Time tolls 8 o'clock. A white nimbus of light surrounds him as the artifact's mighty powers encases Almego in a protective field of magic giving him a few minutes of Sanctuary.

(ooc: If she closes with Raynal in melee instead I'll cast the Sanctuary upon him instead. Just use above post substituting Raynal for myself as a target.)

(ooc: So... actions are... cast Dispel Magic upon Oleeda and five foot step further away from Wren. Then either throw the Dart of Hornets Nest or cast sanctuary on either me or Raynal as the situation dictates.

If you decide to only do one round of battle again though that's fine with me. It's hard to plan ahead not knowing what the hags may do.

If she does attack me my AC will only be 24 because I can't use the defending unless I'm melee fighting and I won't be in full defence mode. AC 28 if she gets any attacks of opportunity. Just remember to chant "Roll a 1!" while rolling her attacks against me.)
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