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As quick as the strongest winds of Pandemonium it hits him.

Blood pounds through Almego's head like claps of thunder, like mountains crashing down, like planes colliding together at cosmic speeds. For a moment that seems to last for an eternity the youngest Olvander child cannot see, smell, hear, nor taste a thing as his body is assaulted by incredible forces that he can't understand, but are nonetheless all too real. An unforgiving iciness runs through his veins trying to smother the fires that burn within Almego's heart and at the same time lightning scorches through his chest attempting to save it. The Shadow, Yestolf as the young sorcerer knows him, and Valkur The Mighty are having their own battle within Almego and it is threatening to rip him apart.

Brought to a knee and clutching his chest Almego fights for his life while battle rages around him.


And as quickly as it hits him, it dissapears.

Though disorientated and aching Almego feels in control of himself again. He looks around to see how much time he has cost himself. Around him the battle rages and the blood wages of the crows start to pay their grisly dividends. The Storm Sisters are nowhere to be seen though. Damn!

Turning to see Alison unscathed and finishing off a troll hound with the powers of The Statue of Kane he wonders about her new loyalties and how much this will get in the way of his plan. I will deal with it when the time comes...

"When the Time Comes" a strange voices whispers in his head followed by a vision of the Hand of Time striking Midnight. Again he wonders to himself about the greatest power of the artifact. I should be finding out soon enough I'm sure...

Shaking the vision away he brings his attention back to the battle. My friends need me! Stop daydreaming and kick it into a gallop you dolt!

Almego attempts to draw upon on the power that gives life to magic in Faerun rather than the Shadow Weave which battles to extinguish it. He hasn't use the pure power of the Weave since that fated day in Thornhold where he gave his soul to The Shadow and he wonders if he even can anymore, but he tries.

He starts into the chanting verbals of his Valkur's Shocking Strikes dweomer to strike down one of the giant bats that are plucking people off the ground. Silently he prays, Valkur, give me strength...


(ooc: I tried to explain my missing post in character by using the struggle with the shadow. I'm sure it will be pretty aparent pretty shortly that I'm not really on their side. I have a PM I'm sending out to you on my ideas on how to mechanically deal with this struggle with the shadow. Let me know what you think.

As far as actions I want to cast my Shocking Strike on one of the bats obviously, but I want to try and do it without using the Shadow Weave. I don't know how you'd deal with that but I think it covers it somewhere in one of the books, Magic of Faerun maybe? I will move with the flow of battle to not get myself pinned down alone the best that I can. If successful channeling The Weave I let loose with a static sphere at the same one if its not dead, or another if it is. [my static sphere is the 1st level spell, shocking strike is the 2nd level one.])
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