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The wind whips into Almego tossing his hair and chilling his neck, but does nothing to disturb his cloak whose dark power chills Almego's soul more than the strongest north winds of Faerun ever could. It seems as if only a small pinpoint of heat exists in the young sorcerer upon his chest in the form of Valkur's Boon - The Lionheart Amulet. Again he asks himself, is this the only fire left within me? If so... will it be enough?

A momentary vison comes to him of a spirit standing on a razor-thin edge of the Abyss. He shakes his head and dismisses the disturbing image.

An iciness takes hold over his heart and he lashes back at the Shadow within him, the Shadow that threatens to consume him. Of course her warriors would defend her... that's why we must give them a chance to die for her in this battle first, before we strike.... You are so stupid Shit! It is a wonder our master ever entrusted me to you. If it weren't for my brains you would have fucked this whole mission up long ago. Now just shut up until you're needed!

Almego looks at the great force opposing his own sizable crew and wonders how many more lives will be extinguished before this day concludes. He hears the ravens squawking and it is almost as if he can hear the wagers being placed upon his own head. Don't count out the underdog, he thinks and wonders if it is really himself that he is referring to.

After letting his eyes realize the horror that is before them all he finally shifts his attention to the Storm Sisters. He keeps his mind blank as he gazes at them high up on their ledge, but his emotions go through a whirlwind of anger, jealousy, and awe. A strange mixture he thinks to himself, but real nonetheless.

Spinning the dial upon the Hand of Time again Almego invokes the artifact's incredible power. He Wills a Silence to fall upon the ledge where the hags are attempting to draw them out onto the battlefield. The clocks ringing tone resonates across the battle and mixes with the cacophany of the crows like a battle horn making for a disturbing call to arms to announce the coming slaughter.

"The butcher will paid his dues before this day is out. Take care to make sure you're not part of that payment m'love," he says to Alison. He takes just a moment to stare into her beautiful eyes then turns back to the battle knowing that it will be the last time he will be able to look upon her with true love in his heart. He turns his focus back to the Storm Sisters and spins the dial from 5:30 to 4:30 invoking the dispelling powers of the Hand of Time and centers them on the hags in an attempt to foil whatever defences they may already have in place.


(OOC: I'll repeat the preparations that I made and give you a little Stat Block for quick reference of all my defences and such.)

Spells in effect: Mirror Image, Blur, Shield, and Tongues.

Items in hand: +3 Rapier of Defending

Defences: AC 23 (14 for images); 20% miss chance, Shield negates Magic Missle attacks.

Other effects: Fast Healing 5, 5 Mirror Images

Saving Throws: Fort +5, Ref +5, Will +7 (+10 vs. Fear effects)

HP: 33


(OOC: A quick summary of my actions...)

Cast Silence upon the ledge where the Storm Sisters are. Will negates, save DC depending upon the Hand of Time, and Spell Resistance allowed. (Remember, caster level check of Hand of Time vs. Their Spell Resistance score.)

Then I cast Dispel Magic cast as the area of effect version. Check spell description for specifics. No Save or Spell Resistance allowed. I'll move with the group if they do to keep myself in a pretty much central local.

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