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Originally Posted by Thanos For Expert Tactician then I am certainly to get that. It would be a massively awesome Combo to hit somebody and with 10 damage, get a free chance to trip them, if successful get a AoO at +4. With the Full Attack Option Bleys could attack them at a +1 (+4 for Prone, +2 for Expert Tactician, -5 for second attack) to his base a third time, and again at -4 a third time. With Haste it is even more devistating!
That's not quite how it works. The follow up attack from Improved Trip (or Knock Back) is not a AoO, so you don't get the Expert Tactician bonus on your iterative attack.

Also, you seem to be confusing the Trip special attack that some monsters have with the feat Improved Trip. With the Trip special attack, the creature gets a free trip attempt (again, not as an AoO) if it hits with a certian attack form (such as bite for a wolf). With the feat Improved Trip, you get a free follow-up attack (again, not as an AoO) if you trip an opponent. You have to spend an attack to make the initial trip attempt, and if it fails, you don't get the follow-up.

The most abusive combination to exploit Expert Tactician that I can think of off the top of my head is Karmic Strike (-4 AC, AoO when an opponent makes a successful melee or melee touch attack), Defensive Throw (AoO to trip when an opponent misses you in melee), Deft Opportunist (+4 to hit on AoOs), and Combat Expertise (more than one AoO per round to take advantage of all the extra opportunities). Any opponent engaging you in melee will be provoking AoOs, whether they hit you or not, which you are really good at capitolizing on, and when it becomes your turn again, Expert Tactician kicks in to give you a bonus to hit.

The only thing that will ruin your day is a creature with longer reach than you (you can't take AoOs against a creature you don't threaten) or one with ranged attacks.
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