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Unread 10th of October, 2005, 12:16
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I have a basic question that I guess I need answered before I can complete my character (who is being converted from 2nd to 3.5).

When a target is knocked prone, by a trip in this case, do they loose their Dexterity Bonus/modifier to AC? I could find where a melee attacker receives a +4 to hit a prone target, but it never implicitely says that they loose their Dex Bonus.

The reason I ask is because in the Fighters Handbook (as it were) there is a Feat called Expert Tactician. It gives a bonus partial action if the user takes away the Dex modifier. With Knock Down it becomes an interesting combo, as it were.

Please understand that I have played in only one game of 3.0+ (and its on these boards with a 2nd level Character) and I am not as super familiar with the rules as others might be.