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From building to building, corner to corner, Nicos followed after the figure, a glimpse of silver here, the echo of a footstep there until he came across a house with it's door still swinging shut. Inching it open, the bard made his way in on practiced, silent footsteps.

The house looked like many of the others he had seen in this place, perfect except for the mysterious lack of people. A creak from the next room alerted him to the presence of someone, and Nicos made his way over, the interior of which left him in shocked disbelief.

The room was shrouded with heavy curtains, the bed a disarray of tangled sheets, the air heavy with sex. Nicos remembered the room, remembered the heart break, the painful realisations, but also remembered it wasn't real. Swallowing freshly recalled shame, the bard reminded himself that the room was from distant years in his past, at this stage nothing more than fragmented dream of a bitter memory.

Someone – or something – in the town was trying to get to them with shadow games, but had made a mistake by targeting him. The bard was far too familiar a friend with deception and drama to be taken in by anything as simple as the phantasms and tricks that had been on display. The others however? Blarth was as honest and direct a man as he had ever met, Lynn's native talent lacked the weight of practical experience, even Shade with her intimate history of pain was no match for the depth of his ability with lies. They would need his help, he had to find them before they were taken in.

Turning to leave the room, Nicos found himself face-to-face with an intimately familiar, silver haired elf, and all of his confidence, all of his composure and self control came crashing down around him.

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