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Shade regards the wavering light with hooded eyes, steely grey in the uncertain light, yet Lynn fancies she can see a hint of surprise at this display. When the light winks out the one time assassin unconsciously adjusts her sword belt as she considers the implications. Nicos never advertised his magic, which might lead one to assume he had only parlor tricks but Shade had been on the receiving end of his healing spells enough times to know that his power was real and considerable. His restraint in its use lead her to believe that he had a healthy respect for its working, which likely meant he wouldn't be giving out such knowledge carelessly.

"He must think highly of you indeed if he's been teaching you. And if you've picked it up so quickly then I am impressed, with you both."

Magic was both powerful and dangerous, but she didn't see any point in lecturing the girl on things that were already obvious. Besides, this was the first display she'd ever seen, and they'd been traveling closely for some time now - Lynn obviously guarded her knowledge closely. Still, if there was no romantic interest there it begged the question of why Lynn was willing to risk her life for secrets that most would say were best left unknown.

"What do you plan on doing once you've learned what you want?"
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