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Laronar rises fresh, his watch was not long, Cadrius had after all releaved him for watch earlly. The extra rest was welcomed, any chance to rest off the last tendrils of pain were not going to be passed up.

"You," Blarth calls out, rising to his feet and pointing at Cadrius with the jerky in his hand. "You were the lafhart who was willing to let my brother die to save your own skin. What kind of a man are you to hide from your own people?"

Laronar cannot help but nod at Blarth's remark, it had not been to long since he had spoken to Cadrius in a similar manner. Objecting to his escape, and to the aid he would recieve.

My Sentiments Exactly

Although Laronar is sure to stand back, he was already on thin ice with the group...and without them, he may not be able to find Cadogan. But he cannot help but wait for the forked tongue of Shade to come to his aid once more.

Why does she persist in fighting his battles?
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