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Shade's face darkens at the bard's accusation and she stares daggers at him while Cadrius responds. She recalls a time not very long ago at all when Itches had left his watch, left them unguarded - their words had been eerily similar to what Nicos said. Unsettled, she nods as Cadrius urges her to let Nicos take this watch. She catches his meaningful gaze and merely stares back, her gaze filled with things left unsaid.

He heads back to his shelter and the bard returns to his post. She looks up at the moon, her breath steaming, and she wonders what just happened. For a moment she enjoys the peace of the night and the beauty of the wilderness. When Nicos makes another comment, though, the moment shatters and her patience snaps.

"Indeed. Why wake the one person in this camp I can trust to watch my back?"

She turns her back on him and stalks past the twin shelters, settling in a small niche in the hillside about as far from the bard as she can be. She pulls her cloak about her and veils the lower half of her face. The chill was already seeping into her, but the confined space should trap some of her body heat. It would be enough.