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Juni always knows where each of the others is at any given moment now. She doesn't think about using her psychic power to locate them, she just does it automatically without even trying. Knowing where they all are and that they are safe... Well, it is one less thing she has to worry about, a small bit of comfort in a world of uncertainty.

So when Blarth came and asked her, "Where are Cadrius, Shade, and Nicos?" she knew the answer right off the top of her head and told him. Now she has gone to fetch Cadrius at one of the camp fires while Blarth is out gathering up Shade and Nicos.

Juni has been making more frequent use of her psychic power in other ways lately too. Riding in the wagon, she often surreptitiously uses her psychic eye to scry beyond the next bend in the road up ahead. Precog is turned on, at least a little bit, almost all the time, but especially after dark. Since the attack on the guard, and all the secrecy surrounding it, she has been on edge and can't seem to relax. Even in sleep her psychic sense is active, although when she wakes she remembers nothing meaningful of the visions that haunt her dreams. Always pale of skin, the young seer seems even more drained of color than usual, with dark smudges beneath her eyes that stand out like bruises.

But she is not the only one. Juni has noticed that none of her friends are sleeping well at night any more, as if they consider themselves to be always on watch. Faces are drawn and haggard. Hands twitch toward weapons at the slightest noise or disturbance.

She would have said that, of all of them, the ever easy-going Blarth was least affected by the strain of the last few days. So it is with an even more pronounced sense of trepidation that she hastens along with Cadrius to the meeting the half-orc has called.