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Ok. All my players, I need your attention.

Before we all go get ourselves killed, there are 2 very simple house rules that I would very much like to use in this game. Of course, this is everyone's game and if someone has a big problem with either or both, then we can just forget about them. I always thought they were nifty. Here they are:

#1: If you are attacked after declaring and performing actions, you may make parrys at a cumlative -2 dicepool and Dodges at -1 dicepool. Basically, if find yourself out of declared actions, there is no need to die a horrific death because you miscalculated something and have no declared actions left. Combat shouldn't have to be a frusterating guessing game where you can be caught completely off guard by making the wrong decision. This basically means that you have defense rolls until you run out of dice.

Example (if you completely didnt understand the above paragraph ): Solar Dawn is being attacked by several guards. He splits his dicepool 3 ways, wins initiative, and attacks 3 times. after his attacks, the guards who were not attacked make their move against Dawn. Since Dawn's last action was at -5 (three actions is -3, -4, -5) he could make parry/blocks at -7, then -9, then -11, until he ran out of dice. He could also make dodges at -6, -7, -8... until he ran out of dice. The rules for aborting to a defense still holds as normal if you are attacked before initiative except for the abort to parry rule. Instead of only one parry, you get parries just as above, at -2 cumulative dicepool.

and rule #2, which is quite a bit simpler than rule #1:
When rolling for damage, take into account the number of successes achieved.... If only 1 success is rolled, calculate damage as normal, and the player does 1/4 dice in final damage. If only 2 successes are rolled. The player only does 1/2 dice in final damage. 3 successes provide full damage and the rules stay the same from that upward. This, in my opinion, prevents what I have seen before, people splitting their action into a million attacks, in the hopes of garnishing a success and doing huge damage with a very powerful weapon (not that I think you all would do that but I like this rule anyways). I think it makes a nice noticible gap between a skimming hit and a solid blow.

Once again, if you guys arent cool with this stuff, then we can forget about it. Also, just remember, not only are both rules good for extending your lifespan, but it will do the same for your enemies. These rules are double edged swords .
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