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Shade looks around the small, bare cave and shakes her head. After all this way, she isn't sure what she expected but it definitely was not this. Yet if Cadogan had explained himself correctly, this was the place. Of course, Cadogan was blind . . .

She shakes her head again. This should be it. There weren't two volcanic mountains, and this was the only cave on the southern base.

It didn't seem as dark as it should be in here. Her grey eyes scan the stony walls, roving past a narrow fissure in the northwest quadrant . . .

Almost in a trance, she moves toward the shadow of that fissure, runs a hand along the edge. It was deep, but not open. And there was no air flow that she could detect but something deep in her mind hummed with anticipation. She almost had the sense of floating outside her own body, watching as her hands searched purposefull, almost had the feeling she had been here before, done this very thing. There, behind a knobby projection, was a decidely man-made lever. She pulled it without hesitation.

All at once, she was drawn back inside herself. A grinding sound permeated the small space as the door slid back, leaving a gap about four feet wide. The floor beyond was rough hewn stone. She looks back at the others.

"Let's find this thing and go."