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"The Traveller's Wineskin... Hey kid," a rough looking man says, grabbing a passing by youngster as he barrels by. "Go to the House of Justice and tell Joachim that his teachings are wanted at the The Traveller's Wineskin." "There's a silver in it for you," he adds, holding up a silver coin, before quickly making it disappear when the boy reaches for it, "if you get back hear with Joachim quickly." Eager to earn the promised silver, the boy reverses the course he had been charging earlier and runs off down the street.

"Come on," the rough man says to his two companions, "Our quarry has had a chance by now to find his room and probably thinks he's rid himself of us. Let's make sure he doesn't have the chance to leave before Joachim gets here and have an ale on the Invincible's coffers."

Laughing as if they had just heard a good joke, the three men make their way inside the inn where Blarth had taken refuge just few minutes ago.
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