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Nicos entered badly lit, smoke filled bar and immediately spied the trio in a corner that he was seeking. A kind word, bit of advice and a free drink had convinced a struggling performer who dealt with stolen and smuggled items on the side to give Nicos the trio's location. If his source was correct, the three knew had a contact in the church of Pelor who would be able to get him what he needed cheaply.

"Greeting 'gents," he said smiling friendly as he approached the group. "I'm seeking a man named Nathen who works for the Pelor temple. I was told that you could arrange a meeting, for the right price."

The nearest of the trio smirked at Nicos as he spoke, heavily drunk if the litter of empty mugs on the table before them was any indication.

"Why, ya lookin' to gro' ya arm back? I bet nah wimim wool touch a cripple like ya, dats why."

"I understand that life can be exceptionally hard for someone as monstrously ugly as you." It was only with a supreme act of will that Nicos kept his voice even as he replied. "So I'll let that go out of pity."

"Ugly?" the drunk man said as he lurched to his feet. "Wat you say?"

"A little slow as well I see. I'd offer to write it down for you but no doubt you're too stupid to read."

"Ya take that back!" the man yelled angry at Nicos, moving in close to the smaller man.

"Dear gods," the bard said wrinkling his nose. "Your breath smells like a dog. Tell me, was that what your mother had to lay with in order to conceive you?"

The blow caught Nicos heavily on his jaw, snapping his head back painfully and bringing tears to his eyes. Without waiting for a second the land the bard quickly stepped forward and smashed his skull against the man's face, turning his nose into a bloody pulp. As the man tottered from the headbutt, Nicos slammed his knee deep into the drunkard's belly doubling him over giving the bard an opportunity to crash an empty mug he seized from the table on the back of his opponents head, sending him to the floor in a stunned stupor.

Pausing to spit on the fallen drunk, Nicos noticed the remaining two men rising to their feet as the other occupants of the bar moved to a safe distance.

"I'm seeking a man named Nathen who works for the Pelor temple," he said in a low angry voice as the pair advanced upon him. "I was told that you could arrange a meeting, for the right price."
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