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"Okay," Blarth says, his voice still glum. Carefully he puts the armor back into his backpack and gets out his coinpurse to buy supplies. Not really knowing how much is in it, Blarth spills it on the bed and counts it out. He also comes across the trinkets and jewlery that he'd taken from the room with the ruin stone in it. He'd quite forgotten about them, and spends a few minutes examining them. Blarth didn't really know much about gems and precious metals, and the exotic nature of the trinkets they'd found only meant that he was even more lost than usual in identifying them. Deciding not to risk them against any possible pickpockets, Blarth takes all but one and hides them under the mattress. There was bound to be a jewler in this town and he could help Blarth figure out what these trinkets were made of.

"So, we meet back here when we're done shopping?"
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