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As Elanor trots by the Dragon's Hangover, a little figure darts out in to the street towards her, calling her name. It's that little halfling she'd seen earlier clinging to the eaves of the inn. And she's talking a mile a minute!

"Elanor. Excuse me, Elanor! There was talk in the tavern about putting together an artifact search for these amazing little googles that will solve all your afflictions and fix all your problems or something like that. The man in purple has a lead on where to look. Somewhere in the dream plane. Do you know where that is? I think the big guy is going to go, and this new guy with silver eyes, and the dwarf will go, and this big fella who hasn't said but I know he will go cause he's the type, and the guy with the green hair might go and some others and Me!"
A couple of times Elanor tries to interject a reply into the halfling woman's stream of talk, but she can't get a word in edgewise. Who are all these people she's babbling about? Man in purple? Guy with the green hair? Oh wait.... they were there when the orcs were attacking, weren't they?

They had reached the town gates by now, and there was quite a commotion going on outside: Flames leaping up, people yelling and screaming. Here comes the man in purple now; the tinker and the blind sorceror are there already, as are several others. Then she hears the halfling shout after her:

"You should go too and bring useful magic stuff!"
What? Was that some kind of invitation? Hmmmmm... she would need to know more about it, of course, but it was certainly an interesting proposition. Somewhere in the Dream Plane...... Elanor stops running and slowly turns around.

"What do you know about......" Her question trails off. Where had the halfling disappeared to? She peers into the shadows under the trees and- there! She catches just a glimpse of the small woman, the light from the flames flickering on her face. There is a bellow of pain from some creature up ahead, and Elanor decides that it might be a good idea to join her talkative friend in the shadows.

Or is it?

With a flash, what looks like a searing bolt of blue lightning shoots overhead, briefly illuminating the halfling in her hiding spot. Elanor sees three orcs charge out of the woods from just beyond the startled halfling, and she freezes in place. Luckily, they don't seem to notice either her or the small woman as they run by in the direction of the others. Elanor dives for cover, just as the largest orc stops dead in his tracks.

She ends up sprawled alongside the halfling woman in the shadowy undergrowth. Elanor gets to her knees, breathing a sigh of relief. "By the way, I don't believe I caught your name, Little Sister....." She says in a low voice, smiling a bit awkwardly.

[OOC: By the way, I rolled to see if I spotted you Cap: my spot +6 versus your hide +14, and I won! Can you believe it? And i was just about to post when WhoNAN added his little bit with the lightning bolt thing, and I had to amend my post! ]