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...Minutes earlier "BigRed" Rod had stepped off the Sara Jane in search of a meaning. The crystal he had found on that last boat had done something to him. As he emerged from the docks Rod encountered a large crowd of people running towards (or possibly away from) something, curious as ever he followed...

"Whoaa, that be one big beastie"
However it's attention seems elsewhere with someone attempting to fight the beast head on and a mage of some sort tackling it with a sheet of flame
Slowly walking around to put the Wyvern between himself and the unfortunate man it was attacking Rod raises his crossbow. With a small amount of thought Rod manages to condense a bolt out of ectoplasm and load the weapon
Edging closer so that he stands no more than 10ft from the creature Rod fires the crossbow.
The bolt strikes the creature in the back with a satisfying thud, the wyvern screeches and turns towards Rod

Damn, I was hoping he could keep it's attnetion
The pirate drops his crossbow and draws his well-used rapier.
BRR just likes to punish us. He does it because we are weak. --The Alcotroll