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Remarkably quick of understanding , Megamieuwsel concludes that the "They're in danger"-remark mr. Shifty-Colour-Eyes made , is dealing 'bout his future seamstresses.
There you have it ; It seems I won't be able to eat in this hell-hole......

Gulping down his wine and tossing aside the glass(which , purely by incident lands straight in the mug , the barkeep was holding), he storms out of the tavern in persuit of Whonan.

Once on the street , a sharp whistle emanates from his lips , resulting in a balking reply and the clatter of hoofs as Patokkel catches up with the spell-slinger.

There is trouble... please help.... to the East near forest. resounds in his head as he sees Whonan storm past the Magic-Shop-departing crowd.
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