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Hi all, how are you doing?

Originally Posted by Wired*Nun # I've been discussing what to do next with Treykincaide. I may revive an Amber game, the next chapter of MEHSV (look under my games of you don't know about it) perhaps, if I get enough interest. Please drop into The Cult and talk to me in the OOC there if you are interested in either another Amber game (where you could bring your characters from here, more or less) or a VTM/WOD (old-school) game.

Yes! Another Amber game. I would so be in for that. I've never really played VTM, so I can't really say anything about it, but I would love another Amber game. Especially if it keeps on rolling This character and settings, or new ones, Im open for ideas!

Pretty please?


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