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Shade's eyes narrow as she watches Nicos storm off, wondering what could be irritating the normally calm bard. She glances once at Cadrius and shrugs before following him into the wood.

Behind her, predictably, she can hear the clanks and cracks as Blarth and Cadrius make their way through the undergrowth. Other than the noise, there wasn't much in the way of chatter, everyone seeming occupied with their own thoughts.

Shade's were concerned mostly with the immediate past and the immediate future. Laronar, the elf, would be around here somewhere. He had a decent start on them, and was travelling alone. She wonders if they would be able to catch up to him even if they found his trail.

Not like this.

The road would be their best bet, although they needed to get away from the town before they attempted it. Doubtless they would be sending out patrols.