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The armor on Blarth's back makes quite a bit of noise as he trudges after the woman, only half paying attention to what he is doing. His mind wanders back to the funeral pyre and then further back to the life he and Trak had shared. For as long as he could remeber Trak had been both bully and protector. A guardian from the outside world who extracted a price for his services. No matter what though, Blarth had loved his brother and his loss weighed heavily on his mind.

Blarth is so absorbed in his melancholy thoughts that he barely notices that the woman has stopped in front of him until he practically steps on her.

Her name is Shade. Blarth reminds himself as he mentally scolds himself for not paying more attention, Trak would have never tolerated this kind of distractedness.

His head hung low he only half hears what Shade tells the others and doesn't even spare an iquisitive glance up to see who they are.