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Kahluah, any of those classes could be suitable. Rogue is easy.

Druid is probably ok. I remember seeing something about them being a bit on the darker side in the IronKingdoms, in terms of background and societal role, but they haven't released the sourcebook yet, so I can't really give you any detail.

Monks are a rarity. Again, there will eventually be some details about different orders of Monks within the churches, but I don't have them yet. If you want to play one, keep in mind that the ones who go out in the world will be more Templar-like, I guess you'd say. "Muscle", bodyguards, etc. for the Church.

About your having the books - are you sure you would want to play, then? I'd be afraid that knowing too much would spoil your fun. But if you think you'd still like it, it's ok with me. I'd just ask that you be careful and check with me often so that we don't spoil things for the others.
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