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Witchfire Players Needed

Our illustrious board leader is understandably too busy and at least one other player has gone AWOL.

So, I'm sending out the call for two, possibly three, replacement players. Here's the deal:

36 point buy, level 1 character, regular starting gold + 50g

Check out the IronKingdoms campaign setting - note the custom pantheon, firearms and steam powered technology. Keep this setting in mind when you work up your background. You don't need anything fancy for a background, but give me an idea of your character's personality traits.

This is the second time I've gone for replacements and I don't want to waste anymore time on bringing new characters in with some "logical" transition. The old characters will be magically transformed into the new characters via the marvels of Edit. Thus your characters will begin the game seated at the dinner table in the Church of Morrow's rectory having volunteered to help Father Dumas investigate a series of grave robberies.

We have a wizard in the party and (if I hear from Magfrump in the next couple of days) a cleric of Morrow - the good human Deity of the Ironkingdoms.

Please, please, please do not offer up a character unless you can commit to posting regularly. Once a day is preferred, but at least every other day is tolerable.

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