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Xaan pulls himself up out of the cracked floor and throws his ruined shirt asid, revealing a stunning 6 pack. Then, he thrusts a thermal detenator streight up through the holes made by his nemisis's backhand of power. He starts leaping through the giant ship sized holes, just then the detenator explodes, sending 11 flameing jawas spiraling into the air. Walls start explodeing all around him. Je'koth looks at the detanators blast as xaan flies through the blast, hand drawn back. Xaan's Back hand of awesomeness lands on the very tip of je'koth's nose. The power of the back hand sending je'koth hurtling back into an awefully convinient line of exacly 5 jawas, knocking their heads clean off and lodging je'koth into a t-rex sized crate of dangerous exploseives.
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