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"Hmmm.... the markings on it don't make any sense to me this way.

Stepping up to the fire , Megamieuwsel holds the scroll in front of him close enough to be heated , yet not so close as to scorch it.
The heat works its own magic on the piece of vellum and new lines appear on the scroll , completing an elaborate depiction of a vaguely dragon-shaped volcano(which can be deducted from the column of smoke arising from it) next to a huge waterfall , which on its turn plummets into a valley that lies in the shadow of the volcano.
Even though the depiction is in back-and-white only , the artist managed to make it look like one particular spot in the overcast valley appears to shine like silver in moonlight.

"There we have it , gentlemen.
AND ladies , ofcourse...
Another clue to further my quest for Gargeltjes Goggles , cleverly hidden with the old-fashioned trick of writing in acid.
Now , where is this tableau located?
And ," turning around to scan the area , " Where's that darn mule of mine?
PATOKKEL!!! Where in the name of lady Bureaucratia are you , you darned donkey!"

A short silence elapses , only to be broken after a couple of seconds by a distant :Hi-Haa and some unsure hoofbeatings growing louder...
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