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Refusing to Sow [Epic GM]

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Cadrius frowns as he is tugged along by the halfling toward the heavily wounded man. He did not have anything on him that would help wounds like that. A ripped shirt makes a good bandage, but it means little when one is in such terrible shape. Fortunately a young woman gets there first and produces a very professional looking medical kit.

"Easy little one," he says, "I do believe she has everything under control." As he says this he notices that the bleeding almost immediately stopped after the bandages were placed on. He blinks once and then says, "An astounding job madam healer."

He bows formally and then goes to one knee next to the wounded man, "How are you sir? Did you have a run in with that beast as it fled?"

He still clenches the mostly blood-soaked helmet in his right hand as he talks to the man. It is only after the wounded one opens his eyes and does not look directly at him when spoken to that he suspects a form of vision impairment.