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Enter The Dragon .. uh i mean Dem't

The Sun Rises, and a portion of the day passes. Those ply an honest trade are long up and about. Those who are less honest, but still have the need to be awake also rise. Nicos is one of these.

Walking out from the room where he spent the night, he is followed by Sarah, one of the bar maids. As she sets out, to helping prepare the evenings meal, Nicos walks over and slumps in one of the seats in the corner.

Glancing around the common room, he notes that it s uncommonly busy (if you forgive the pun) for this time of day, which is to say, it was hardly busy at all.

With a creak that cuts through the small amount of noise in the room, ever pair of eyes glance over and deafening silence drops over the Inn. In the doorway stands a figure. The details are hard to make out at first with the glare from outside obscuring him (, for a him it obviously is), but one thing that everyone can see, it the armband marking him as a member of the town guard.

As a slightly nervous chatter returns to the room, and several patrons get up - trying to look casual as they make they way out the back entrance to the stables. The figure steps into the room, and Nicos recognising the partially bald man, as Sargent Ysie Dem't.

I wonder what brings him around here; he normal frequents the Dented Helm over in the merchant quater. And that armband means he is on business. Eh Iíll find out sooner or later, he is bound to speak to me eventually

With that, Nicos returns his attention to his milk, and idly sips it. As Sgt Dem't, enters the room, he glances around with eyes that have known the street for many years. Seeing the 3 who slip out the back, he notes their faces, but lets them go.

Well this is Cletus and his goons' normal watering hole Dem't's thoughts go. I need to find out what happened that night before they left.

Walking over to the closest bunch of people, he gives a slight nod of recognition in Nicos' direction, and then sets down to the business of questioning the small amount of people in the room.

Seeing the nod, Nicos mutters to himself, "I have to get out of this town. Iím too damn well known"

About 15minuted pass before Dem't arrives at Nicos' table, and he is little wiser.

"Morning Sargent", Nicos says with out looking up. "What brings you into this part of town"

Helping himself to a seat, the Guard returns the greeting then heads straight into the heart of the matter.

"Morning Nicos, youíre looking surprisingly Celibate this morning. A couple of the people here said that you were involved in incident with Cletus last night. Care to elaborate?"

Finally looking up at the older man, his curiosity aroused, Nicos avoids the question.

"You came all the way down here to investigate Cletus making an arse out of himself?"

Looking weary, the Sargent runs a hand over what is left of his hair.

"The Kid is dead Nicos. Him and his mates. They were found last night in an alley. We picked up an Orc that was near by, and he put up a good fight trying to stop us, buy we hauled him in. Still I honestly donít think he did it, no real motive. The boys didnít have much money on them, and what little they did was still on the boys. And even Cletus isnít stupid to pic a fight with an orc. Now are you gona tell me what happened?"

Taken a-back, at the news Nicos, Speaks what his first thinks

"No wonder the air smelt so good this morning. The world is a better place with out that guy."

At the look Ysie Dem't shoots at him, Nicos gives in and tells the story of that night. Admittedly a very basic story, beginning when the group walked in the door, and ending when Cletus walked out. Seeing the intelligence glimmer in the guardís eyes, the bard knows that every detail of his story is stored in that mind, and probably a few details he didnít include, are worked out.

Standing with a groan, Dem't puts a hand to his back.

"I'm getting to old for this, the younger people are meant to be doing this work. Donít suppose I could convince you to join the town guard?"

At the genuine mirth that the offer bring out, the man grins.

"I'll take that as a no. I'll be back later tonight, maybe tomorrow to try and question the others. If you see them, tell them not to leave town."

Leaving the still laughing bard behind, Sargent Ysie Dem't makes his way out the door, and back to the guardhouse to write up what he had learnt.

His mirth subsiding rapidly after the older man leaves; Nicos considers the nightís events in his mind. Waling off into his room, and returning with some parchment, and ink, the Bard sets down to his work for the morning, making a note to keep an eye out for any of the involved group, in order to bring them up to speed. However he is soon ingrossed in his writing, and oblivious to the outside world.

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