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A red haze over everything.

The Sight tries to blot out everything else, trying its best to obscure his vision, revealing deceit, treachery, cruelty, and malice. The only reason anything else is visible is so that the Sight can put everything into context.

His headache is getting worse.

Thoroughly frustrated, disgusted at the things the Sight has revealed to him, and confused -- why, by all the gods that are good and righteous, won't this power lay quiet? -- the paladin drags himself away from the table. Very slowly, he weaves through the crowd, making his way to the stairs, and a place to sleep.

He has a key, but cannot make out the markings on it through the haze. Very slowly, and very carefully, he tries the key on each door that he comes to.

On his third attempt -- another failure -- the door flies open, revealing a heavy-set half-orc with one eye. He looks down on the intruder waiting for an excuse to pull the man's arm off and says, "What's this about?"

The paladin looks up and says, "I'm trying to find my room. Go back to your business." Something in the paladin's look convinces the half-orc to back down and close the door.

It takes the paladin several more attempts to find the correct door, near the end of the hall. The room is sparsely furnished -- little more than a bed -- but the details are lost in a red mist. Uncaring, the paladin slowly removes his armor, sets everything on the floor at the foot of the bed, and lies down, draping one arm over his eyes in an attempt to block out the incessant input.

It helps, somewhat. Nothing above him has any ill-intent, so he simply gets the overall malice of the site.

As he gradually manages to fall asleep, mostly from exhaustion, he fails to realize that his door is still wide open.
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