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"My dear lady, there is nothing to excuse, nor is there any debt"
Bowing slightly to Paladin

" Sir if I have done anything to give you offence, I beg your pardon."

Rising from he bow, with what appears to be his ever-ready smile, Nicos flips the coin around in his hand, and with a flash, it disappears.

"These? No these are not the arts of a Bard. These are party tricks, simple and yet likely to entertain those who are less imaginative, or just too tired to care."

Holding his hand out so that it is clear it is empty, he then reaches forwards slowly so that it is clear he means no threat. Reaching his hand to just by her ear, he makes a motion with his hand, and draws it back holding the coin. With a sigh and his smile fading, Nicos shoves it into a pocket.

"The true arts of a bard are in the music. There have been great performances where they meld instrument, voice into a music it so smooth that it is like liquid silk."

Grinning again he holds out his arm.

" I however have been reduced to singing only"

Glancing over his shoulder at the small amount of people left, Nicos give a small sigh.

"I think a good way to end the evenings entertainment would be a tale. If you excuse me this will take me a few minutes to prepare for."

With a small nod of his head, Nicos moves back to the corner set aside for performing.
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