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The paladin notes the approaching minstrel, mainly because his aura appears different than the environment, allowing him to stand out against the background. A slight haze surrounds the bard, speaking of an ulterior motive that simply hasn't yet germinated into fully-realized intent.

He dare not leave the unusual priestess alone with this man, or with nearly anyone else in the bar for that matter; she was one of the few who didn't register in his Sight.

The constant barrage of information, still new to him and somewhat disorienting, was beginning to give him a headache. Squinting his eyes shut didn't help block out the Sight, but the removal of normal visual input did make it somewhat bearable.

Thus, unbeknownst to the minstrel or the monk, was the paladin not exactly in the most cordial mood for visitors.

His mood, if not his reasoning, becomes apparent as soon as the minstrel is within range of hearing. Eyes closed tight, and with his hands on his temples, he says -- rather brusquely -- just one word of address.

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