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Turing away from the mist that once was Cadirus, Itches screams a warning to the others. Then a shadow falls across him. Turning slowly he looks up to see one of the Dogman standing over him, its yellow eyes wide. His mind flashing back towards the night he first faced them, Itches once again freezes in terror.

Seeing an easy target before him, the Gnoll gives an evil leer and swipes. Surprising even himself, Itches ducks, and raises his arms above his head. Feeling the blow bounce of it, and his arm going numb, the Half-Elf gives a terror filled scream, and bolts - directly into the still leering Gnoll. Un-expecting the sudden charge, the Gnoll stumbles backwards, and losses his footing. By pure chance the dog-like-creature falls towards the tree, where the image of Cadirus had been placed. Its head bouncing off it, it lands in an unconscious state on the floor.

All of which Itches never views, having been render out-cold after slamming head first into the creatures armour, and now lay barely 5ft away from his opponent.

((Donít even try working out the rolls for this one, it was pure story telling. And Itches has not once soiled himself. . . well okay maybe that one time, but you should of seen the size of that goblin))
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