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"It isn't him! It was an illusion!"

"Damn it!" the paladin growls as he brings his sword up over his head, intent on the armor-clad gnoll before him. As he brings his sword down, his foe begins twirling one end of the double-headed flail to intercept it, and the other gnoll sees his opening. Crouching low, it pulls its arm back to strike at the paladin's wounded knee.

It sees the massive blade swinging for its face a moment too late.

Ignoring the cry of pain and the splashing of blood and tissue from the lesser gnoll, the paladin brings the claymore up from the gnoll's head, driving it into the warrior's belly. The blade cuts deep, leaving a mortal wound and catching in the beast's ribcage.

As he strains to pull the sword free, the paladin yells, "Be careful over there! Whatever placed that illusion may still be nearby!" His temporary lapse in attention is rewarded by another strike to his already wounded leg -- this time, the spiked ball pulls the armored plate clean off his leg, taking a swath of hide with it.

[[OOC: First roll is 18+6=24, doing 15 damage to G1, after modifying by +/-2 for Power Attack; second roll is 16+6=22, doing 17 damage to WG -- Cleave follow-up. Don't have enemy numbers available, but I figure that the first dies, the second's badly hurt. Its counterattack, after Maeko acts, hits with a base roll of 15 (I assume its attack bonus is at least +2), for 10 points of damage -- ouch!]]
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